“Meet Bagdrip” Kenya + Ethiopia

8,99  z VAT

Meet Bagdrip! Only for 9,99 PLN you can try 2 Bagdrips: Kenya and Ethiopia! Enjoy!


Kenya – black and red currant, blueberries and gooseberry.

Welcome to Mukerwe-ini town located in Nyeri county. The Nduma factory lies at
around 1750 meters above sea level and is part of the Ruthaka Farmers Cooperative
Society. Coffee beans are wet processed in typical Kenyan style. If you love fruity-
taste coffees, this coffee is for you. You can taste black and red currant, blueberries
and gooseberry.


If you wonder where is the center of coffee world, we have answer – Ethiopia is the
primary center of origin of the Arabica coffee plant. The washed Yirgacheffe is one of
the best highland-grown coffees. This coffee will give you very complex experience –
it’s tea-like with aromas of Earl Grey, lime, lemon, vanilla and flowers

How to brew?

Brewing Bagdrip is fast and easy. Watch the video:


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