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Unique coffee from all over the world. Discover new flavours whenever and wherever you fancy a cuppa!

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What Bagdrip is

Wherever you want, whenever you need

Bagdrip is a coffee and a filter in one. Watch the video and find out how easy it is to prepare the speciality coffee anywhere in the world.

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They talk about us!


The convenience of instant coffee and the quality
of a good coffee shop!


"Classic drip taste"

Awesome! Great classic drip taste with easier preparation.


"Excellent idea!"

Although it's drip's pocket version, the preparation ritual remains the same. Excellent idea!”


"It fits in your pocket!"

Great quality coffee, wherever you want – the idea it's kind of brilliant in its simplicity


"When you are at work"

Finally, speciality coffee in the office.


"Perfect coffee for journeys!"

Finally, I found the solution for my journeys. I don’t longer need my grinder, weight, jug, dripper and filters.I can literally put all those things in my pocket. All I need is Bagdrip


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